Italian Wine Chronicle 1 2016

Italian Wine Chronicle 1-2016

Italian Wine Chronicle is the English-language edition of the historic wine magazine Civiltà del bere.

In this issue: Best Italian Wines 2016 – Sassicaia Top Scorer – Focus on Veneto – Nebbiolo Sparkling Wines – Tasting Taurasi Riserva Docg and much more.


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Index / Italian Wine Chronicle 1-2016

Editorial. By Alessandro Torcoli Sassicaia top scorer and other stories

Monograph: Typicity

The concept at the basis of DOC and DOCG wines

The italian wine library

Focus on Veneto

The leading region always in ferment

Nebbiolo bubbles

Ten wines not to be missed

Taurasi Riserva DOCG

  • The son of Aglianico
  • The Civiltà del bere tasting

The Best of the Wine Guides 2016

  • Sassicaia doesn’t divide but rules
  • The 6 Champions: best red, white, sparkling and sweet white wines
  • Regional distribution
  • The eight judges
  • The 1.523 wines rated by just one pubblication
  • Wines of excellence from 2001 to today
  • The 4 top wineries for all the guides (and the other 579)
  • The 627 wineries ratedby just wine pubblication
  • The 177 Masters of excellence


  • (Non) Clichés. Is the child prodigy Prosecco growing up? (Cesare Pillon)
  • Against the wind. Extreme measures for extreme climates (Luciano Ferraro)
  • Auction. With Sassicaia and Masseto Italy on the crest of the wave (Aldo Fiordelli)


Editorial / Sassicaia top scorer and other stories

The first issue of Italian Wine Chronicle 2016, the English-language edition of the historic magazine Civiltà del bere, is short but intense. In fact, as well as tastings and comments on wines and Italian regions, it reports one of our most famous publications. For twenty years, our “Best of the Wine Guides” has been a much-anticipated tool on an international level: it enables a comparison between the ratings of excellence from the Italian wine guides. Naturally, opinions are subjective by definition, and also this year in these pages we will find that very few wines have been rated unanimously, actually… only one, Sassicaia, a legend that seems to have been marked out as the symbol of Italian winemaking.

As far as the wines are concerned… there is always someone who doesn’t agree and, thanks to our service, it’s possible to read their “loves and hates” between the lines. Considering the level of “disagreement”, at this point we think it is a great achievement when one wine manages to be rated by three or four guides at the same time. It is even more significant if this result is not due to an extraordinary vintage, but is repeated year after year. This is how the idea came about to acknowledge the “Masters of Excellence”, i.e. the wineries that continually obtain maximum ratings from the experts.

This issue of IWC, which is coming out on the eve of Vinitaly, also pays homage to the region that hosts the most important wine fair in Italy: the Veneto Dossier will give you updates on the trends, figures and aims of a region that seems to be in favour at the moment. Furthermore, looking westwards, we touch on a very hot topic in Piedmont at the moment: the phenomenon of sparkling wines made from Nebbiolo grapes. A new frontier or a one-hit wonder?

There are different approaches, and it is certainly a novelty that many are curious about, especially on an international level, where there is a clear trend for sparkling wines.

Turning to the south, on the other hand, we discuss the king of reds from Campania, Taurasi, in its most important version, the Riserva. We mention the rules that govern it and point out the wines that our panel of tasters liked best in a session dedicated entirely to this great wine.

Enjoy reading, we hope to make you curious and to take you with us through our journey through Italian wine.


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